the travel edition

This mobile version of the pavilion was designed for Triggered by Motion’s touring exhibition. It is quick to set up, easy to fold and thus simple to ship. When erected, the circular pavilion appears from the outside like a light round screen. On the inside, the screens follow the geographical distribution of the camera locations. A round, contained space with spatial depth is created as a result of the geometry of the elements. The all-black material allows the colours and the effect of the 24-hour time-lapse recordings to be brought to the fore. It is a special sound absorbing material that Swiss company Impact Acoustic created by upcycling around 11’000 disposable plastic bottles. In the centre of the pavilion there are 12 small benches which can be pushed together to form an island from which you can watch the different recordings from the various parts of the world at the same time. (images: ©Yanik Bürkli)