Camera traps with motion triggers make it possible to observe animals in the wild without influencing their behavior or resorting to invasive means such as collars or ear tags. But the technique generates huge amounts of data – the evaluation of which is very time-consuming. Artificial intelligence is being called in to help, with more and more research teams using machine learning to speed up image analysis. The video installation Triggered by Motion documents this process. Using camera trap data from 21 locations in 14 countries, we built a walk-in pavilion where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural environment of wildlife and experience local biodiversity.

where to find us

11.02.22 – 06.06.22

Museum für Gestaltung
Zurich, Switzerland

12.05.23 – 11.06.23

DongdaeMun Design Plaza
Seoul, South Korea

04.06.23 – 09.03.24

Swiss National Park
Zernez, Switzerland

from 28.11.23

Science Gallery Bengaluru
Bengaluru, India

15.12.2023 – 15.01.2024

Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, China

The exhibition format and research network Triggered by Motion emerged at the University of Zurich from the →Graduate Campus‘ commitment to transdisciplinary collaboration and is continued there by the →Art & Science-Office. From 2023 onwards it will be shown in various exhibition contexts in Switzerland and – in cooperation with the network swissnex/EDA – all over the world. Triggered by Motion‘s goal is to promote a dialogue between research and conservation projects and the interested public. After all, although the future of digital conservation looks promising, conservation projects only work if they enjoy support beyond expert circles.

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